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Since 1983, The Grant Advisor newsletter has been a leading source of information on grant, research, and fellowship opportunities for U.S. institutions of higher education and their faculty.

The Grant Advisor is available in two versions: (1) the PAPER VERSION is still going strong after all these years, and is a great value at only $397 for a one year subscription, mailed direct to you each month (except July); (2) the WEB VERSION, $725/year (The Grant Advisor Plus) offers on-line access for your entire institution and features many extras, including the newsletter in Acrobat PDF format, database searches, deadline listings with extensive hyperlinks, and much more, all in an easy-to-use web interface. Each subscribing institution has 24-hour-a-day access to the following:

1. THE GRANT ADVISOR NEWSLETTER (PDF or TXT) — The newsletter covers grant opportunities from federal agencies (except NIH) as well as many independent organizations and foundations. Published monthly (except July), each issue contains 15-25 program reviews with descriptions, eligibility requirements, special criteria, funding amounts, and contact information (including phone and fax numbers, e-mail and web addresses). The remainder of the newsletter is comprised of the Deadline Memo with more than 300 listings of grant and fellowship programs for the coming four months, organized into eight academic divisions (fine arts, humanities, sciences, social sciences, education, international, health related, unrestricted/other). It's all available on-line in both PDF (Adobe Acrobat®) and TXT (ASCII text) formats. See samples.

2. DEADLINE MEMO HYPERLINKS — These powerful listings are presented in an elegant table format and include links directly to the following (all where applicable): (a) web site of the funding agency or organization; (b) abstracts and program reviews from The Grant Advisor newsletter; (c) complete text from all current Federal Register grant listings; (d) National Science Foundation on-line documents; and (e) e-mail addresses. Very popular with subscribers. See samples.

3. DATABASE AND ARTICLE SEARCHES — The Database Search allows you to enter your own search criteria (such as funding agency, keywords, academic division, and more). Results are displayed in the same powerful table format as the Deadline Memo Hyperlinks. The Article Search is available for keyword searching through hundreds of our program abstracts and Federal Register articles.

4. 200+ USEFUL LINKS TO FUNDING SOURCES — All subscribers have full access to our ever-expanding list of links to funding sources, separated into two categories: Federal and Related Sources, and Foundation and Independent Sources.

5. THE GRANT WORKS — The electronic book of the entire series of articles by Robert J. Toft, Ph.D. presented here in Acrobat® PDF format. Included are hundreds of essays providing useful advice and tips for the grantsperson in higher education. Chapter titles include Proposal Development, Running the Grants Office, Budget Considerations, Tips on Writing, Grants Office Policy, and more.


“ The Grant Advisor Plus is one of my top 3 picks of electronic sources which I recommend on a regular basis and use in workshops.” — Charna K. Howson, Office of Research Services, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

“I find it a valuable resource and am grateful that you have put it on-line.” —Christina M. Baker, Proposal Office, U. of Alaska Fairbanks

“ I love it!” — Stephanie A. Slocum-Schaffer, Ph.D., Assistant Provost, Gettysburg College

“ Perusing The Grant Advisor Plus regularly is still the best general strategy.” — Dr. Larry Smith, Research Administration Office, Southern Methodist University

“ I am new to the grants field and have found The Grant Advisor Plus extremely helpful.” — Alisa Ray, Faculty Research and Sponsored Programs, Berry College

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